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Stuck in paradise, pg2
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Stuck in paradise with a stuck up gear box.
Detaching the transmission from the engine and lifting it out of Selena was a bit of a chore but with the help of a make-shift block and tackle, shown here, I was able to get it into the cockpit, which became my work bench while I disassembled the tran. Luckily I had played with "Chinese Puzzles" as a kid so I finally figured it out.

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I had a shop manual for it that was included in the Westerbeke manual that came with the boat, but it was sketchy on details so was only mediocre in help. Also all the part numbers in the manual had been transposed to Westerbeke part numbers (no longer available) so they were of no help to order parts from anywhere else (gee I wonder why they did that?). Luckily my present suppliers were familiar with this tran and knew which parts it needed.
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